Youth Ministries (Overview)

The purpose of the Clear Fork Alliance Youth Ministry is to equip students to be Great Commission minded to fulfill the Great Commandment! We want students to experience God and to expand His kingdom.

Pastor Matt is the youth pastor at Clear Fork Alliance and is available by phone at 419-886-4333 or by email at We have many adult workers. Some are parents of teens in the youth group, while others are young adults who have gone through the youth group and have come back home to work in the ministry. Each adult is screened and trained. They play an integral part in the youth ministries at Clear Fork Alliance Church.


Firewalkers is our large group gathering and is comprised of 6th – 12th grade students. The night begins at 6:30 with hang-out time where students can play foosball, video games…or mingle and hang-out . At 7:00 we begin with worship and discussion. Usually from 7:45-8:00 we go to the gym to play. Wednesday night is designed to stimulate interest and growth in Christ.

Do you like to sing? Can you play an instrument? Join the youth band!


There are two primary ways we expose teens to missions.

Missions Conference/ Moments: Through out the year the teens are exposed to missionaries and foreign ministries in the services at Clear Fork Alliance Church. They will hear form those who are giving their lives to overseas ministries as well as those who are ministering nationally on a regular basis. We utilize video, skype and other media to keep the call to missions fresh in their lives.

Missions Trips: The trips are designed to expose teens to the global aspects of the great commission. Missions trips are designed to meet the teens level of spiritual maturity. There are three levels of trips:

Level 1 = Service projects (usually in the US).

Level 2 = Split between service projects and ministry events (usually out of US).

Level 3 = Ministry events only. Designed for those students in leadership or those who have a call to full time ministry (out of the US).

Special Events

There are many other events that happen throughout the year (Outreaches, Fifth Quarter Parties, Retreats, Scavenger Hunts, Connections, Paintball Games, etc.). Each event is designed for fellowship and growth. Here are examples of the events we have at Clear Fork Alliance:

Fifth Quarter Parties: After each home Clear Fork football game, all are invited to come over to the church for a time of food and fun. Big toys, snacks and fun await all who come.

See You At The Pole: Students meet around the flag pole of their schools all over the US to pray for their friends, teachers, administrators, and themselves. It is a public stand for prayer.

Point Fest: A music festival held at Cedar Point. The festival includes News Boys, Chris Tomlin, Jamie Grace, For King and Country and other bands. Includes admission to the park

Judgement House “Tour your final Destination”: A seven scene walk through drama which tells the story of several young people and their daily challenges. A guide leads small groups from scene-to-scene as the story unfolds. The characters are faced with the same lifelong decisions that we all must make. The consequence of their choices are revealed as they enter their final destination.

Believe Conference: Believe is the most amazing weekend event for Middle School students ever! Throughout the event, we use God’s word, inspiring stories, and community encounters that will lead to conversations and lots of FUN! It is a highly engaging and dynamic

program that creates small group opportunities that will open doors to your middle schooler. Believe promises to be an intense, inspiring, and amazing experience for middle schoolers of any walk.

Once a month we will do a Community Service Project!

Sunday School

9:30 am in Youth Room

The headlines from around the world are staggering as we read about Christians persecuted for their faith. What can we learn from those who risk their lives every day for their faith? How do we best respond spiritually and practically to news reports of persecuted Christians? They risk everything for their faith. This powerful video curriculum takes you into the true stories of Christians living in Muslim countries around the world. Ideal for small groups, campus ministries, and churches. Each 10-15 minute video session includes real-life footage of the persecuted church along with commentary and teaching. As you explore these six themes—forgiveness, sacrifice, faithfulness, joy, perseverance, and courage—you will be inspired to make a difference right where you are.

Trail Life

Trail Life USA is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership program for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. Living the Trail Life is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible.

Additional Resources

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