There are two primary ways we expose teens to missions.

Missions Conference/ Moments: Through out the year the teens are exposed to missionaries and foreign ministries in the services at Clear Fork Alliance Church.  They will hear form those who are giving their lives to overseas ministries as well as those who are ministering nationally on a regular basis.  We utilize video, skype and other media to keep the call to missions fresh in their lives.

Missions Trips: The trips are designed to expose teens to the global aspects of the great commission. Missions trips are designed to meet the teens level of spiritual maturity. There are three levels of trips:

  • Level 1= Sevice projects(usually in the US).
  • Level 2= Split between service projects and ministry events(usually out of US).
  • Level 3= Ministry events only. Designed for those students in leadership or those who have a call to full time ministry (Out of the US).

Our youth group is taking a trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic July 8-15, 2017.  There we worked alongside C&MA International Workers Rick and Tammera Romano and the National Church to serve the people of the DR.



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