Pastor Mike

Mike Stine

(419) 886-4333


Dr. Michael Stine was called to serve Clear Fork Alliance Church in March 1984. He graduated from Ohio State in 1974 and received his Master of Divinity degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in 1978. In June of 1984 he was awarded his doctoral degree, also from Ashland.

Pastor Mike married Patricia Maglott of Bellville in 1975. The Stine’s have three daughters; all three are married. Pastor Mike and Pat have three lovely grandsons.

Matt Merendino

(419) 886-4333


Rev. Matt Merendino was called to be our associate pastor in August of 1993. His primary area of ministry is with youth. He graduated from Toccoa Falls College in 1992 and was ordained in the Fall of 1997. Matt and his wife, Missie, were married in 1992 and they have 4 children.