Welcome to this Site! Our prayer is that if you are looking for a church home that the information here will help you decide if we might be a church worth checking out.

Welcome Clear Fork Alliance Family. Our prayer is that this site will further advance the fulfillment of our Mission and the realization of our Vision.

Our Vision:

To be a 24/7 Church: The church in the Bible is not a building nor is it limited to a time. The people themselves who believe and follow Jesus Christ are the church 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Vision is to be the kind of church that would maintain its vitality if suddenly were deprived of our property.

Our Mission:

A Vision for the Valley: This means that we emphasize above all else FAITH in God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Clear Fork Alliance Church seeks to minister to the needs of the whole FAMILY. This is why we strive to minister to all ages each week. A special feature of our children’s ministries is the dynamic TeamKID program. FELLOWSHIP is an important part of our vision. Whatever burdens, concerns or needs you have are important to us. We also want to assist each person to discover his or her gifts so that he or she in turn may help us to be a better church.

A Witness for the World: This means we accept the responsibility to tell others, near and far, by our words and actions that Jesus Christ is the only hope of the World. Jesus Christ is the only one who has ever lived a sinless life, died for sin and rose again from the dead. He is the only man who was also God dwelling in flesh. He is the Son of God, born from a virgin and, in His “God-ness” has always been and always will be. We know this through the Bible, which is God’s inerrant Word and through the Holy Spirit Who was sent to live within all who will turn with faith to Jesus Christ. As part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination, our vision is not confined to the immediate vicinity. We recognize our responsibility to help reach the entire world for Christ. Therefore, we are pleased to provide opportunities for involvement in missionary programs and support.

We are excited about what God has done and is doing at Clear Fork Alliance Church. If you do not have a church home or are searching for one, we invite you to be a part of our church family.

In Jesus’ Love
Pastor Mike