Experience Bethlehem is the interactive Christmas celebration produced by Clear Fork Alliance Church. With over 700 visitors last year,
Experience Bethlehem is truly a unique way to enhance anyone’s celebration of Christ’s birth.

Visitors begin by viewing a walk through drama of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. Angels, shepherds, wise men, King Herod, Mary & Joseph, and of course the baby Jesus all come to life as visitors walk from scene to scene while a tour guide explains the Biblical events.

nativityVisitors are then taken to the recreated village of Bethlehem with shops, Roman guards, and a stable with a special manger to see what life was like in Jesus’ day. Visitors are given coins to spend at the various shops, but watch out…Roman guards looking to collect taxes for Caesar may confiscate your coins if you are not careful!

Don’t miss Experience Bethlehem!

Admission: FREE! Experience Bethlehem is handicap accessible and completely indoors.


December 7, 8 & 9  2018


Guided tours run from 6:30-8:30 on Friday and Saturday & from 2:00-4:00 on Sunday. Bethlehem village will remain open for one hour following the last tour.


Clear Fork Alliance Church

What people are saying:

“Everything seemed so authentic – the music, the tour guide, the characters, the story. I listened to the story I had heard so many times, but this time I was a part of it. I was THERE!” – Jillian

“Experience Bethlehem was a wonderful, astonishing work. The experience opened our hearts more to love and help maintain a deeper fellowship and appreciation for our Lord.” – Patty

“The interactive experience for the children made it especially interesting and educational for them. ‘Do we have to leave?’ ‘Can we come back?’ Truly a great time for all ages.” – Harold and June