mommyandmeMommy and Me Fitness is expanding its services to the Bellville area. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-10am at Clear Fork Alliance Church and are offered by Nina McGhee, a certified fitness instructor.

Angela Devaney, owner and founder of Mommy and Me Fitness, is a nurse, personal trainer specializing in pre and post natal fitness, and a mother of five. She has studied and worked in the medical profession and fitness community for the last ten years. “The mission of Mommy and Me Fitness is to help moms’ live healthy, active lives, balancing exercise and good nutrition,” says Devaney. “We understand how difficult it is for moms to find time to do anything for themselves, especially exercise. Our fitness program provides the perfect outlet. Our classes encourage moms to participate in cardiovascular and resistance training exercise with their child(ren) right there in the stroller the whole time. The lively, kid-friendly interaction ensures that children have fun while mom gets a good work out. We invite moms to come join our team and leave the babysitter behind!”

Nina McGhee joined the Mommy and Me Fitness team back in 2010. She is the mother of three energetic boys and is extremely excited to bring a new spin on fitness to the mothers in and around the Bellville area. “I am very fortunate to have the opportunity, through Mommy and Me Fitness, to share with other mothers that taking care of others doesn’t mean you have to forget about taking care of yourself. This is a great outlet for mothers physically and emotionally so we can stay healthy for our loved ones later in life.”

With a variety of exercise classes designed for women at all levels of fitness, Mommy and Me Fitness provides a nurturing environment in which moms can work out at their own pace. We are dedicated to motivate moms and push them to reach their highest fitness potential. Mommy and Me Fitness allows mothers to relieve stress, lose weight, increase energy levels, stay in great shape, and develop lasting friendships. The best part is they can do all of this while spending quality time with their child(ren). Classes are offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-10am at Clear Fork Alliance Church.  Come join us today and see for yourself what it’s all about!

For more information about Mommy and Me Fitness classes or to register please call Clear Fork Alliance Church at 419-886-4333 or visit: