Hurricane Relief Outreach

We are sending a truck loaded with building supplies to Houston Texas.
Update:The truck is delayed waiting for a few final supplies. Will post as soon as it leaves.
Update: 11/8/17 – Remainder of materials are loaded on to the truck and ready to go as soon as a driver becomes available. Hopefully by the weekend! Pictures of houses in the process of being remodeled are coming soon.

Update: 11/11/17 – A driver is scheduled for Monday 11/13 and should arrive in Texas on Wednesday 11/15.

Update: 11/13/17 – The truck loaded with supplies has left Perrysville Ohio at 9:17 am.

Update 11/13/17 РThe truck has made it to Mathews Arkansas at 8pm this evening and do to regulations the driver has to stop for 8 hours down time. They will get back on the road early in the morning.

Update: 11/14/17 – Truck is back on the road at 7:30 am heading south on Route 55 toward Memphis. Should arrive in Texas late this evening.

Update: 11/14/17 – Leaving Little Rock Arkansas at 11:21 heading for Texas.

Update 11/14/17 – 6:00pm, truck is 72 miles from the destination and will start the unloading at 7:00am tomorrow morning.

Update 11/15/17 – 10:30am Delivery to the first stop is complete and truck is on its way to the final destination.

Update 11/15/17 – 2:55pm – All the materials have been delivered!


Thanks to those that helped to make this possible! To God be the glory!


The following pics are from work that is being done and work that is needed to be done. The materials on the truck will help fill a need to continue to rebuild.